any of numerous small, chiefly Old World birds of the family Motacillidae, having a slender body with a long, narrow tail that is habitually wagged up and down.
any of several similar birds, as the water thrushes of the genus Seiurus.

Origin of wagtail

First recorded in 1500–10; wag + tail1
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Historical Examples of wagtail

  • Wagtail took a piece of the biscuit and put it into his mouth.

  • And I,” cried Wagtail, “can tie a bandage, although I am not a surgeon.

  • Wagtail, who was not much of a shot, sat on deck and passed the weapons up and down.

  • I went down into the cabin and sat down to breakfast with Gelid and Wagtail.

  • “I am drunk,” roared Wagtail, who with might and main was rolling about his little bed.

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any of various passerine songbirds of the genera Motacilla and Dendronanthus, of Eurasia and Africa, having a very long tail that wags when the bird walks: family Motacillidae
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