[ weyk-rob-in ]

  1. the cuckoopint.

  2. any of various plants belonging to the genus Trillium, native to eastern North America, of the lily family, as T. erectum, having rank-smelling purple, yellow, or white flowers.

Origin of wake-robin

First recorded in 1520–30

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How to use wake-robin in a sentence

  • John Burroughs's "Wake Robin" deals not with robins alone, but with birds and bird habits in general.

  • Here he came upon evidences of a meal which the rival had made upon wake-robin roots.

  • Mr. John Burroughs says his sign is the wake-robin, or trillium.

    The Spring of the Year | Dallas Lore Sharp
  • It was published in 1867, preceding "wake-robin" by four years.

  • Mr. Burroughs, in wake-robin, mentions having found two nests, and gives us to understand that he saw only the female birds.

    The Foot-path Way | Bradford Torrey

British Dictionary definitions for wake-robin


  1. any of various North American herbaceous plants of the genus Trillium, such as T. grandiflorum, having a whorl of three leaves and three-petalled solitary flowers: family Trilliaceae

  2. US any of various aroid plants, esp the cuckoopint

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