[ wawr-bler ]
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  1. any of several small, chiefly Old World songbirds of the subfamily Sylviidae.: Compare blackcap (def. 1), reed warbler.

  2. Also called wood warbler. any of numerous small New World songbirds of the family Parulidae, many species of which are brightly colored.: Compare yellow warbler.

  1. a person or thing that warbles.

Origin of warbler

First recorded in 1605–15; warble1 + -er1

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How to use warbler in a sentence

  • No true gourmet would ever send this warbler to the shambles so long as scarcer birds might be obtained.

  • The yellow warbler, sometimes called the wild canary, flits through bush and tree and trills its gay notes in town and country.

    Stories of California | Ella M. Sexton
  • Another punctual bird is the yellow redpoll warbler, the first of his class that appears.

    A Year in the Fields | John Burroughs

British Dictionary definitions for warbler


/ (ˈwɔːblə) /

  1. a person or thing that warbles

  2. any small active passerine songbird of the Old World subfamily Sylviinae: family Muscicapidae. They have a cryptic plumage and slender bill and are arboreal insectivores

  1. Also called: wood warbler any small bird of the American family Parulidae, similar to the Old World forms but often brightly coloured

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