ward heeler


noun U.S. Politics.

a minor politician who canvasses voters and does other chores for a political machine or party boss.

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Origin of ward heeler

An Americanism dating back to 1885–90

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Examples from the Web for ward heeler

  • If you tried to vote some ward-heeler would challenge you and you'd like as not be hauled off to the lock-up.

    Bunker Bean|Harry Leon Wilson
  • And Blount knew the disappearance was real, because the ward-heeler's own henchmen were searching for him.

  • In the thick of it he seemed to see the ward-heeler standing at his bedside and beating furiously upon a huge Chinese gong.

  • "They've got my number," said the ward-heeler, in a convict whisper which was little more than a facial contortion.

British Dictionary definitions for ward heeler

ward heeler


US politics derogatory a party worker who canvasses votes and performs chores for a political bossAlso called: heeler
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