warm-blooded animals

Animals, such as mammals and birds, that maintain a constant body temperature regardless of the temperature of the surroundings. (Compare cold-blooded animals.)

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How to use warm-blooded animals in a sentence

  • Is produced from the females of all the warm-blooded animals, which are enumerated among the mammali.

    Domestic Animals | Richard L. Allen
  • They are warm-blooded animals and not fish at all, so they must come to the top of the waves for air to breathe.

    Stories of California | Ella M. Sexton
  • Naturally it is much more difficult to restore life in the case of warm-blooded animals.

  • It would appear that various warm-blooded animals are capable of sustaining total abstinence much longer than human beings.

  • The birds are warm-blooded animals, and even their young, while they are developing in the egg, are warm-blooded.

    The Meaning of Evolution | Samuel Christian Schmucker