watered stock

Stock issued at an inflated price — that is, a price not warranted by the assets of the issuing company.

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How to use watered stock in a sentence

  • Noah was the largest individual holder of watered stock during his age.

  • As for watered stock, I know all the sophistical arguments, and they are many, for capitalizing earning capacity.

    The New Freedom | Woodrow Wilson
  • Neither the green goods, nor the bogus capital called watered stock represents a dollar in real value.

    The Root of Evil | Thomas Dixon
  • The main evil of watered stock lies not in the presence of water, but in the concealment or coloring of that liquid.

  • The "granger" element, for instance, would cut off the holder of "watered stock" with a shilling.

    Monopolies and the People | Charles Whiting Baker