[ week-endz ]
/ ˈwikˌɛndz /
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every weekend; on or during weekends: We go fishing weekends.
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Origin of weekends

First recorded in 1875–80; weekend + -s1
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What does weekends mean?

The word weekends can be used as an adverb meaning every weekend or on or during weekends, as in I work weekends, so I always miss my son’s Saturday games.

Weekends is of course also the plural of the noun weekend. The weekend is most commonly considered the period between Friday evening and the end of Sunday. More strictly speaking, the weekend is thought to consist of Saturday and Sunday (often regardless of whether the calendar week is considered to begin on Sunday or Monday).

In practical terms, the weekend is typically considered to be the period between the end of the workweek (or school week) and the beginning of a new one—which is why most people consider their weekend to start on Friday night, after work or school.

However, when weekends is used as an adverb, it usually means every Saturday and Sunday or on Saturdays and Sundays. For example, a store that’s open weekends is open during at least some hours every Saturday and Sunday.

Example: I live on campus during the week but I go home weekends.

Where does weekends come from?

The word weekend has been in use in some form since at least the 1600s, but the first records of the word weekends as an adverb come from the 1870s. The suffix -s makes weekends an adverb. It’s used this way in similar time-related words like sometimes and weekdays. You can add this –suffix to other words to turn them into adverbs, such as nights, as in I work nights, or Saturdays, as in Is this place open Saturdays?

The adverb weekdays is used in the same way as weekends, except that it’s used in reference to non-weekend days, as in We’re open weekdays but we’re closed weekends.

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How is weekends used in real life?

The word weekends is often used in statements about when stores or open or when people work. 



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Is weekends used correctly in the following sentence? 

I wish this place was open weekends—I’m never able to go during the week.

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British Dictionary definitions for weekends

/ (ˌwiːkˈɛndz) /

informal at the weekend, esp regularly or during every weekend
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