[ week-lee ]
/ ˈwik li /
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done, happening, appearing, etc., once a week, or every week: a weekly appointment with an analyst.
computed or determined by the week: a special weekly rate.
of or relating to a week or the working days in a week: a day of respite from our weekly labors.
once a week; by the week: to visit someone weekly; to pay rent weekly.
noun, plural week·lies.
a publication appearing once a week.
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Origin of weekly

late Middle English word dating back to 1425–75; see origin at week, -ly
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What does weekly mean?

Weekly most commonly means once a week or every week.

It can be used this way as an adjective, as in a weekly meeting, or an adverb, as in We plan to meet weekly. Something described as weekly may happen on the same day every week or simply once a week at any time.

Weekly can also mean calculated by week, as in I used to have a weekly quota, but now it’s monthly. 

Weekly can also be used as a noun referring to a publication that’s published weekly, as opposed to daily or monthly, for example (a daily newspaper can be called a daily). It’s often used in the name of such publications, like Us Weekly. 

Example: New episodes of my weekly podcast come out every Monday.

Where does weekly come from?

The first records of the word weekly come from the 1400s. The suffix -ly, which usually forms adverbs, is used in weekly to mean “every.” It’s used in the same way in several other units of time, including hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly.

Prefixes can be added to weekly to indicate a different period of time: biweekly (every two weeks or twice a week), triweekly (every three weeks or three times a week), and semiweekly (twice a week). But because these can be confusing, it’s probably best just to say things like “twice a week” or “every three weeks.”

Though the noun weekly can refer to any weekly publication, it more often refers to newspapers than magazines. At one time, weeklies were the most popular kind of newspapers in the U.S., far outnumbering dailies. Some newspapers may be twice-weekly, being published every Monday and Thursday, for example.

Another use of weekly as a noun refers to a weekly event or task, such as a gaming tournament that’s held every week.

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What are some other forms related to weekly?

  • weeklies (plural noun)

What are some synonyms for weekly?

  • every week
  • once a week

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How is weekly used in real life?

As an adjective and an adverb, weekly is commonly used in all kinds of contexts.



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I got knocked out early in the last weekly tournament, but this week I did much better.

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British Dictionary definitions for weekly

/ (ˈwiːklɪ) /

happening or taking place once a week or every week
determined or calculated by the week
once a week or every week
noun plural -lies
a newspaper or magazine issued every week
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