or wee·ny, wie·nie

[ wee-nee ]
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  1. Informal. a wiener.

  2. Slang. penis.

  1. Slang. an insignificant, disliked person.

Origin of weenie

wien(er) + -ie; (def. 3) probably influenced by or continuous with weeny small child, noun use of weeny tiny (see wee, teeny-weeny)

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How to use weenie in a sentence

  • I appeal to all distinguished authors, from Tupper to weenie Willows, to confirm the truth of this assertion.

  • She might even let him take her for a ride way down the river road where they could have a weenie roast and sing songs together.

    Plowing On Sunday | Sterling North
  • Putting her thumb on the top of her little finger, she said, "Oh, I would like so much to have just a teenie-weenie bit of bacon."

    Psychotherapy | James J. Walsh