[ wel-awr-derd ]
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  1. arranged, planned, or occurring in a desirable way, sequence, etc.

Origin of well-ordered

First recorded in 1600–10

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How to use well-ordered in a sentence

  • The past suddenly barged into my well-ordered American life and seemed more urgent than the present.

  • The soil was poor, but well cultivated; and small groups of trees stood here and there, by the well-ordered stone fences.

    Skipper Worse | Alexander Lange Kielland
  • The sound of a drum rolled up the street, and presently, round a corner, came the well-ordered troops of the Government.

  • Everything is so well ordered with us, she said, and her voice softened as she spoke of loved things.

    The Wasted Generation | Owen Johnson
  • Yes: consider these houses well; how demure, how well-ordered, how shining, as I have said; and then think of what they conceal.

    The Secret Glory | Arthur Machen

British Dictionary definitions for well-ordered


  1. logic maths (of a relation) having the property that every nonempty subset of its field has a least member under the relation: less than is well-ordered on the natural numbers but not on the reals, since an open set has no least member

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