1. Legendary human beings who are magically transformed into wolves. Werewolves supposedly prowl at night, devouring babies and digging up corpses, and cannot be killed with ordinary weapons. They are particularly associated with the full moon .

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Example Sentences

Red Moon accounts for nearly everything one could imagine when considering a world where werewolves are among us.

The kids go on energetic, meandering rants about werewolves and islands made of candy.

And werewolves were about losing yourself to your “beastly side,” which must have been terrifying if you were a Victorian.

I mean, I feel like werewolves and vampires were invented to talk about something that was frightening us as a culture.

Kristen Stewart is used to having werewolves and vampires fight for her affection in the Twilight series.

They disappeared into a world of wizards, werewolves, and magic spells.

Those whom the French called loups-garous were in German termed werewolves.

In them side by side with the knights and squires and ladies move fays and giants and werewolves.

A story of the Werewolves, made wonderfully credible and told with great skill and feeling.

There were those who said that the werewolves had been driven away by the prayers of Brother Basil when he visited the forest.