[wes-ter-mahrk; Finnish ves-tuhr-mahrk]


Ed·ward Al·ex·an·der [ed-werd al-ig-zan-der, -zahn-; Finnish ed-vahrd ah-lek-sahn-duhr] /ˈɛd wərd ˌæl ɪgˈzæn dər, -ˈzɑn-; Finnish ˈɛd vɑrd ˌɑ lɛkˈsɑn dər/, 1862–1939, Finnish sociologist.

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Historical Examples of westermarck

  • Historical evidence of control of marriage: Westermarck's evidence.

    Parenthood and Race Culture

    Caleb Williams Saleeby

  • Prof. Westermarck traces it to a horror of blood; very probably; but other things may co-operate towards it.

  • For Westermarck is quite right in his view that children are not the result of marriage, but marriage is the result of children.

    Sex and Society

    William I. Thomas

  • Here we may briefly advert to Dr. Westermarck's theory of exogamy, though it interrupts the harmonious issue of our speculations.

  • As to exogamy, Dr. Westermarck explains it by 'an instinct' against marriage of near kin.