[hwang, wang]

noun Informal.

a resounding blow.
the sound produced by such a blow: the whang of gongs and cymbals.

verb (used with object)

to strike with a resounding blow.

verb (used without object)

to resound with such a blow.

Origin of whang

First recorded in 1815–25; imitative
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knock, bat, beat, punch, pop, nail, smack, batter, slap, blast, whack, kick, belt, ding, pound, tap, lace, clip, bump, blitz

Examples from the Web for whanging

Historical Examples of whanging

  • Then I will have the exquisite pleasure of taking my niblick, and whanging it out for the loss of a stroke.

  • I dont want him whanging away at me on my return, explained Mr. Masterson.

    The Sunset Trail

    Alfred Henry Lewis

  • There was a great deal of clanging and whanging and scuffling, it seemed to the poor, overwrought girl.

  • They decided that they did not want to be kept awake nights by the clanging and the whanging of a brazen bell.

  • If this is not sufficient, he calls in an assistant, who cows them with the roar of a whanging Chinese stewpan.


    Lawton Mackall

British Dictionary definitions for whanging




to strike or be struck so as to cause a resounding noise


the resounding noise produced by a heavy blow
a heavy blow

Word Origin for whang

C19: of imitative origin



noun Scot

a leather thong


(tr) to strike with or as if with a thong

Word Origin for whang

C17: variant of thong
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