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[ wair-bahy, hwair- ]


  1. by what or by which; under the terms of which.
  2. Obsolete. by what? how?


/ wɛəˈbaɪ /


  1. by or because of which

    the means whereby he took his life


  1. archaic.
    how? by what means?

    whereby does he recognize me?

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Word History and Origins

Origin of whereby1

First recorded in 1150–1200, whereby is from the Middle English word wherby. See where, by

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Example Sentences

He also elected not to take advantage of a recent tax amnesty whereby he could have paid back just 10 percent of what he owed.

In what kind of society do we live, whereby these weapons are needed to defend and protect?

With If This Then That, you can make a “recipe” whereby a certain trigger results in a different action.

Snowden has also disclosed programs whereby the NSA worked closely with other Internet companies to search their records.

He hoped the Americans could broker a deal with the British whereby Iran would get at least a reasonable share of its own wealth.

The deposed ruler plotted and planned all kinds of schemes whereby he might be restored to his old position of authority.

This was no longer a plan whereby all might be poor together, but a proposal that all should be rich together.

More recently general statutes have been enacted whereby individuals may form such corporations without the aid of a legislature.

Or, better still, was his uncle's death to be the means whereby he could climb to greatness and renown?

Then Dick Moy showed him a plan whereby he caught half a dozen birds in as many minutes.