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[ hwair-uh-pon, -pawn, wair-; hwair-uh-pon, -pawn, wair- ]


  1. upon what or upon which.
  2. at or after which.
  3. Archaic. upon what?


/ ˌwɛərəˈpɒn /

sentence connector

  1. at which; at which point; upon which


  1. archaic.
    upon what?

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Word History and Origins

Origin of whereupon1

First recorded in 1300–50, whereupon is from the Middle English word wherupon. See where, upon

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Example Sentences

Stittsworth sighed and gazed out the window, whereupon he noticed a male goat mounting a female goat with extreme vigor.

A boy kills a poacher, whereupon his father and grandfather argues about what to do.

Gaedel walked on four pitches, whereupon he was replaced by a pinch runner.

Whereupon I would have lost the single best witness to five or six of the most crucial years in Yates's career.

Whereupon every woman between the shining seas gagged in unison: Achhhhh.

The latter trod on the toes of the former, whereupon the former threatened to "kick out of the cabin" the latter.

He was silent then, but his face took on a cold, hard expression, whereupon he laughed again.

I said I thought he remarked something about having visited there, whereupon Orlean said: 'He ought to have married her.'

Whereupon Mr. Pitt, springing up, desired to know when they were made slaves.

The action of the springs now serves to close the valves V, V1, and to open out the motor M, whereupon the process is repeated.