[ hwair-with, -with, wair- ]
/ ʰwɛərˈwɪθ, -ˈwɪð, wɛər- /

adverb, conjunction

Literary. with which; by means of which.
  1. with what?
  2. because of which; by reason of which.
  3. whereupon; at which.


Archaic. that by which; that with which.


Rare. wherewithal.

Origin of wherewith

First recorded in 1150–1200, wherewith is from the Middle English word wherwith. See where, with
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British Dictionary definitions for wherewith

/ (wɛəˈwɪθ, -ˈwɪð) archaic, or formal /


(often foll by an infinitive) with or by whichthe pen wherewith I am wont to write
something with whichI have not wherewith to buy my bread


with what?

sentence connector

with or after that; whereupon
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