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[ hwis-per-er, wis- ]


  1. a person or thing that whispers.
  2. a gossip, talebearer, rumor-monger, or the like.
  3. a person who handles or trains a specified type of animal mostly by means of gestures and has a special talent for communicating with the animal:

    a horse whisperer; a dog whisperer.

  4. a person who has a special ability to calm, control, or influence another person based on an understanding of that person’s motives, needs, etc.


/ ˈwɪspərə /


  1. a person or thing that whispers
  2. a person who is able to tame or control animals, esp by talking to them in gentle tones

    a horse whisperer

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Word History and Origins

Origin of whisperer1

First recorded in 1540–50; whisper + -er 1

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Example Sentences

Bill Belichick, winner of six Super Bowls, was once known as a draft whisperer.

From Ozy

My buddy Bonnie and I were there in 2005 and had read about a dog whisperer named Jane Parker-Rauw, who since the late 1990s has been guiding tourists through the rescue process of street puppies known as potcakes.

But she liked the way he reminded her of her father, and said he made love “like a horse whisperer.”

Enter Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), a neuropsychiatrist dubbed “the Psychopath Whisperer” by the FBI.

A new documentary called 'Buck' chronicles the struggles and success of the Wyoming man who inspired 'The Horse Whisperer.'

Gibbs was so close to Obama that campaign aides dubbed him “the Barack Whisperer.”

The Ranch is run by Joyce Sterkel, a nurse and psychologist who has been nicknamed the Adoption Whisperer.

A back kick worthy of a pack mule took effect upon the whisperer's shin.

Had it been whispered to her that she loved the neighbourhood of the shops, she would have scorned the whisperer.

He thought for the hundredth time of the Whisperer; wondered who she really was and why her whisper had been missing to-night.

It was the first earthly sign he had ever seen of this strange pair, the outlaw and the Whisperer.

In his mind he went back over the times when the Whisperer had broken in on the silence of the night.