white light



light perceived by the eye as having the same color as sunlight at noon.

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Examples from the Web for white light

  • The glowing bull's-eyes startled him, then he knew it was white-light he was seeing, not the red threat of glowing rock.

    Two Thousand Miles Below|Charles Willard Diffin

British Dictionary definitions for white light

white light


light that contains all the wavelengths of visible light at approximately equal intensities, as in sunlight or the light from white-hot solids
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Science definitions for white light

white light

Electromagnetic radiation composed of a fairly even distribution of all of the frequencies in the visible range of the spectrum, appearing white to the eye. Light from the Sun is nearly perfect white light, although the Sun does not itself appear white when viewed on Earth due to the scattering of light with frequencies in the blue range by the atmosphere, leaving the Sun with a yellow color.
Light that appears white to the eye, composed of some combination of light with frequencies in the red, blue, and green parts of the spectrum. See also color.
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