white meat



any meat that is light-colored before cooking, as veal or chicken (distinguished from red meat).
meat that is light-colored after cooking, as veal or breast of chicken or of turkey (distinguished from dark meat).
Slang: Vulgar. a white person considered as a sexual partner.
Southern U.S. salt pork, fatback, or other pork without any lean.
Archaic. food made from milk.

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Origin of white meat

late Middle English word dating back to 1375–1425

Also called light meat (for defs 1, 2).

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white meat


any meat that is light in colour, such as veal or the breast of turkeyCompare red meat
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Word Origin and History for light meat

white meat


meat of poultry, pigs, etc., as opposed to red meat, is recorded from 1752; earlier it meant "foods prepared from milk" (early 15c.). Black slang sense of "white women as sex partners" is from 1920s.

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