[hwith-er, with-]


to what place? where?
to what end, point, action, or the like? to what?


to which place.
to whatever place.

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Origin of whither

before 900; Middle English, variant of Middle English, Old English hwider, alteration of hwæder (cognate with Gothic hwadre), modeled on hider hither

Can be confusedhence hither thence thither whence whither yon (see usage note at whence)weather whether whither wither (see synonym study at wither)whither wither

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to what place?
to what end or purpose?


to whatever place, purpose, etc

Word Origin for whither

Old English hwider, hwæder; related to Gothic hvadrē; modern English form influenced by hither

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Word Origin and History for whither



Old English hwider, from Proto-Germanic *khwi- "who" (see who) + -der as in hither and thither. Cf. Gothic hvadre.

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