[wim-puh l]


a woman's headcloth drawn in folds about the chin, formerly worn out of doors, and still in use by some nuns.
Chiefly Scot.
  1. a fold or wrinkle, as in cloth.
  2. a curve, bend, or turn, as in a road or river.

verb (used with object), wim·pled, wim·pling.

verb (used without object), wim·pled, wim·pling.

Origin of wimple

before 1100; (noun) Middle English wimple, wimpel, Old English wimpel; cognate with Dutch, Low German wimpel, Old Norse vimpill; (v.) Middle English: to wrap in a wimple, derivative of the noun
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Examples from the Web for wimpling

Historical Examples of wimpling

  • The distant lake; the shining river, singing away through the valley; or the wimpling brook, stealing through the meadow!

    Rural Architecture

    Lewis Falley Allen

  • Tweed was a "wimpling stately" stream, and there were "Eden scenes on crystal Jed" scarcely less fascinating.

    In the Border Country

    W. S. (William Shillinglaw) Crockett

  • A brook's wimpling waters strayed Lashed into foam, but dancing on again And rolling pebbles in their chattering flow.

    The Satyricon, Complete

    Petronius Arbiter

  • Nevertheless they took the path as if by instinct, that led down into the hazel-copse that overlooked the wimpling Don.


    W. Gordon Stables

  • All the music of the heather hills and the wimpling burns 58 wooed me to join my kinsmen in the North.

    A Daughter of Raasay

    William MacLeod Raine

British Dictionary definitions for wimpling



a piece of cloth draped around the head to frame the face, worn by women in the Middle Ages and still a part of the habit of some nuns
Scot a curve or bend, as in a river


rare to ripple or cause to ripple or undulate
(tr) archaic to cover with or put a wimple on
archaic (esp of a veil) to lie or cause to lie in folds or pleats

Word Origin for wimple

Old English wimpel; related to Old Saxon wimpal, Middle Dutch wumpel, Middle High German bewimpfen to veil
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Word Origin and History for wimpling



"head covering for women," especially worn by nuns, Old English wimpel, from Proto-Germanic *wimpilaz (cf. Old Saxon wimpal, Old Frisian wimpel, Middle Dutch, Dutch wimpel, Old High German wimpal, German wimpel, Old Norse vimpill), of obscure origin. Old French guimple (French guimpe) is a Germanic loan-word.

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