[wim-puh l]
  1. a woman's headcloth drawn in folds about the chin, formerly worn out of doors, and still in use by some nuns.
  2. Chiefly Scot.
    1. a fold or wrinkle, as in cloth.
    2. a curve, bend, or turn, as in a road or river.
verb (used with object), wim·pled, wim·pling.
  1. to cover or muffle with or as if with a wimple.
  2. to cause to ripple or undulate, as water.
  3. Archaic. to veil or enwrap.
verb (used without object), wim·pled, wim·pling.
  1. to ripple, as water.
  2. Archaic. to lie in folds, as a veil.
  3. Chiefly Scot. to follow a curving course, as a road or river.

Origin of wimple

before 1100; (noun) Middle English wimple, wimpel, Old English wimpel; cognate with Dutch, Low German wimpel, Old Norse vimpill; (v.) Middle English: to wrap in a wimple, derivative of the noun
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Examples from the Web for wimpling

Historical Examples of wimpling

  • The distant lake; the shining river, singing away through the valley; or the wimpling brook, stealing through the meadow!

    Rural Architecture

    Lewis Falley Allen

  • Tweed was a "wimpling stately" stream, and there were "Eden scenes on crystal Jed" scarcely less fascinating.

    In the Border Country

    W. S. (William Shillinglaw) Crockett

  • A brook's wimpling waters strayed Lashed into foam, but dancing on again And rolling pebbles in their chattering flow.

    The Satyricon, Complete

    Petronius Arbiter

  • Nevertheless they took the path as if by instinct, that led down into the hazel-copse that overlooked the wimpling Don.


    W. Gordon Stables

  • All the music of the heather hills and the wimpling burns 58 wooed me to join my kinsmen in the North.

    A Daughter of Raasay

    William MacLeod Raine

British Dictionary definitions for wimpling


  1. a piece of cloth draped around the head to frame the face, worn by women in the Middle Ages and still a part of the habit of some nuns
  2. Scot a curve or bend, as in a river
  1. rare to ripple or cause to ripple or undulate
  2. (tr) archaic to cover with or put a wimple on
  3. archaic (esp of a veil) to lie or cause to lie in folds or pleats

Word Origin for wimple

Old English wimpel; related to Old Saxon wimpal, Middle Dutch wumpel, Middle High German bewimpfen to veil
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Word Origin and History for wimpling



"head covering for women," especially worn by nuns, Old English wimpel, from Proto-Germanic *wimpilaz (cf. Old Saxon wimpal, Old Frisian wimpel, Middle Dutch, Dutch wimpel, Old High German wimpal, German wimpel, Old Norse vimpill), of obscure origin. Old French guimple (French guimpe) is a Germanic loan-word.

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