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[ win-dee ]


, wind·i·er, wind·i·est.
  1. accompanied or characterized by wind:

    a windy day.

  2. exposed to or swept by the wind:

    a windy hill.

  3. consisting of or resembling wind:

    a windy tempest of activity.

  4. toward the wind; windward.
  5. unsubstantial or empty.
  6. of the nature of, characterized by, or given to prolonged, empty talk; voluble; verbose; bombastic.
  7. characterized by or causing flatulence.
  8. Chiefly Scot. boastful.


/ ˈwɪndɪ /


  1. of, characterized by, resembling, or relating to wind; stormy
  2. swept by or open to powerful winds
  3. marked by or given to empty, prolonged, and often boastful speech; bombastic

    windy orations

  4. void of substance
  5. an informal word for flatulent
  6. slang.
    afraid; frightened; nervous

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Derived Forms

  • ˈwindiness, noun
  • ˈwindily, adverb

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Other Words From

  • windi·ly adverb
  • windi·ness noun
  • un·windy adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of windy1

before 900; Middle English; Old English windig. See wind 1, -y 1

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Example Sentences

It remains to be seen, especially if it’s windy and wet out, but the heated tables could provide a cozy way for patrons to dine outside in a fairly comfortable, safe, and standard way.

From Fortune

It was never colder than about seventy degrees, although that feels cold when you’re wet and it’s windy, but cold wasn’t the issue.

In particularly hot, dry, and windy conditions, you could die from dehydration in less than three days if no water is available.

You can only live 3 hours without shelter in a cold, wet, and windy setting.

When Steadman and some other CSL workers agreed to talk, I got in my car and made the windy four-hour drive to the strip mall in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, where they worked.

The independent and go-getter spirit started young, with the band plastering posters throughout the Windy City.

His brother Sidronio immediately took over, and the Windy City reported no shortage of smack.

He paid his own way, joining older brother Jacob who had escaped to the Windy City earlier that year.

To save the Windy City, we have to use everything at our disposal.

The windows were sealed shut around the edges by duct tape but still rattled when it got windy.

Turn we our backs to the cold gloomy north, to the wet windy west, to the dry parching east—on to the south!

Through the beautiful, windy autumn days, he labored at his difficult task, the task of telling a story.

It was a windy night and a sudden gust blew his tall hat into the river, and after it unfortunately dropped the meerschaum.

Moreover, though a land of frost, it is very windy, the wind being nearly always a cold one.

As well as can be expected in this dusty windy city where they have to stay in the house half the day.





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