/ wɪndʒ /


  1. a variant spelling of whinge

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Example Sentences

How often would I have gathered you together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her winge, and ye would not?

On the other hand, in the opinion of Professor H. Winge, a large number of these creatures are primitive monotremes.


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More About Winge

What does winge mean?

Winge means to complain or whine.

Winge is primarily used in Australia. It’s a variant spelling of whinge, which is primarily used in both Australia and the U.K.

Like whine, winge can mean to make a whining noise (often as part of complaining), or to complain with such a tone, or simply to complain in a way that’s considered annoying. When you say that someone winges, you’re criticizing them because they’re complaining in an annoying way, especially about something minor.

Both winge and whinge can also be used as nouns referring to a complaint, but this use is much less common than its verb sense.

Example: John’s mother told him not to winge about having to spend time with his relatives.

Where does winge come from?

The first records of the word whinge (which has historically been the primary spelling) come from before 1150. The word comes from the Old English word hwinsian, meaning “to whine” (the word whine is related).

The word winge can indicate that such complaining is being done in a whiny voice, but more often it simply implies that the complaining is unnecessary or too frequent. The word winge is often followed by the word about and the thing being complained about, as in Please stop winging about having to go to work—I wish I had a job!

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How is winge used in real life?

Winge is informal and is always used negatively. It’s less common than whinge.



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Winge and whinge can be used in exactly the same way.