Origin of witch

before 900; Middle English wicche, Old English wicce (feminine; compare wicca(masculine) wizard; see wicked)

Related forms

witch·hood, nounwitch·like, adjectiveun·der·witch, noun
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/ (wɪtʃ) /



(tr) to cause or change by or as if by witchcraft
a less common word for bewitch

Derived Forms

witchlike, adjective

Word Origin for witch

Old English wicca; related to Middle Low German wicken to conjure, Swedish vicka to move to and fro

British Dictionary definitions for witch (2 of 2)


/ (wɪtʃ) /


a flatfish, Pleuronectes (or Glyptocephalus) cynoglossus, of N Atlantic coastal waters, having a narrow greyish-brown body marked with tiny black spots: family Pleuronectidae (plaice, flounders, etc)

Word Origin for witch

C19: perhaps from witch 1, alluding to the appearance of the fish
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