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[ woo d-ruh f, -ruhf ]
/ ˈwʊd rəf, -ˌrʌf /


any of several plants belonging to the genus Asperula or Galium, of the madder family, as G. odoratum (sweet woodruff), a fragrant plant with small white flowers.

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Origin of woodruff

before 1000; Middle English woderove, Old English wudurofe, wudurife, equivalent to wudu wood1 + -rofe, -rife, element of uncertain meaning; compare German Rübe carrot

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[ woo d-ruh f ]
/ ˈwʊd rəf /


Hiram,1817–67, Canadian driver, trainer, and breeder of harness-racing horses. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈwʊdrʌf) /


any of several rubiaceous plants of the genus Galium, esp G. odoratum (sweet woodruff), of Eurasia, which has small sweet-scented white flowers and whorls of narrow fragrant leaves used to flavour wine and liqueurs and in perfumery

Word Origin for woodruff

Old English wudurofe, from wood 1 + rōfe, related to Old High German ruoba, Middle Low German rōve (beet)root, Latin rēpere to creep
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