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[ woodz ]


  1. Eldrick [el, -drik], Tiger, born 1975, U.S. professional golfer.
  2. Lake of the. Lake of the Woods.



/ wʊdz /


  1. WoodsTiger1975MUSSPORT AND GAMES: golfer Tiger, real name Eldrick Woods . born 1975, US golfer: youngest US Masters champion and first Black golfer to win a major championship; winner of the US Masters (1997, 2001–02, 2005), US Open (2000, 2002, 2008), British Open Championship (2000, 2005–06), and the PGA Championship (1999, 2000, 2006-07); in 2001 he became the only player to hold all four major titles at once




  1. Lake of the Woods
    Lake of the Woods See Lake of the Woods



/ wʊdz /

plural noun

  1. closely packed trees forming a forest or wood, esp a specific one
  2. another word for backwoods
  3. See wood
    the woodwind instruments in an orchestra See also wood 1
  4. neck of the woods informal.
    neck of the woods an area or locality

    a quiet neck of the woods

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Example Sentences

During the meeting, the board was discussing the contract extension of Superintendent Kriner Cash, among other education-related topics, when Woods was seen cursing and making a crude signal while another member of the board had the floor.

Tiger Woods’s parents, Earl and Kultida, “were not hovering, helicopter parents,” Larry Londino, who wrote a 2009 biography of Woods, has said.

Now comes a character who makes that version of Woods look like a short hitter.

Such faith paid off last year, when Woods won his fifth green jacket at 16-1 odds.

Who can win the Masters, who can but won’t and who to pick in your pool“We’re playing for some skins, and I didn’t have any cash in my pocket,” Woods said.

Then she managed to struggle a mile through dark, rainy woods.

“James Woods has a reputation in the business of not mincing words,” Breitbart posted in September 2013.

“James Woods refuses to toe the Hollyweird line,” Twitchy managing editor Lori Ziganto told The Daily Beast in an email.

“Scratch a liberal, find a fascist every time,” Woods tweeted in April.

Woods were shredded, the earth trembled and the ground exploded in showers of stone and red-hot metal splinters.

She lit another cigarette, and for a few moments looked silently out of the window at the darkening woods beyond the lawn.

She led the way through the woods, leaping from one tree branch to another over Squinty's head.

Squinty went this way and that through the woods, but he could not find the path that led to his pen.

The chesnut woods of Antero de Herrares opened their enamelled glades before the travellers.

A few moments later she joined Gwynne at the foot of the staircase, and they went out to the woods.


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