[ woo d-ee ]
/ ˈwʊd i /

adjective, wood·i·er, wood·i·est.

abounding with wood; wooded.
belonging or pertaining to the woods; sylvan.
consisting of or containing wood; ligneous.
resembling wood, as in appearance, texture, or toughness: a woody vegetable.

Origin of woody

Middle English word dating back to 1325–75; see origin at wood1, -y1


wood·i·ness, noun

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or wood·ie

[ woo d-ee ]
/ ˈwʊd i /

noun, plural wood·ies. Slang.

a station wagon having wood or simulated-wood panels on the outside of the body.

Origin of woody

First recorded in 1960–65; wood1 + -y2

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[ wuhd-ee, woo-dee ]
/ ˈwʌd i, ˈwu di /
Chiefly Scot.

noun, plural wood·ies, adjective, wood·i·er, wood·i·est.

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[ woo d-ee ]
/ ˈwʊd i /


a male given name, form of Woodrow.

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[ guhth-ree ]
/ ˈgʌθ ri /


A(lfred) B(ertram), Jr.,1901–91, U.S. novelist.
Sir (William) Tyrone,1900–71, English stage director and producer.
Woodrow WilsonWoody, 1912–67, U.S. folk singer.
a city in central Oklahoma: the former state capital.
a male given name.

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[ hur-muh n ]
/ ˈhɜr mən /


WoodrowWoody, 1913–1987, U.S. jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, and bandleader.
a male given name: from Old English words meaning “army” and “ man.”
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/ (ˈwʊdɪ) /

adjective woodier or woodiest

abounding in or covered with forest or woods
connected with, belonging to, or situated in a wood
consisting of or containing wood or ligninwoody tissue; woody stems
resembling wood in hardness or texture

Derived forms of woody

woodiness, noun

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/ (ˈɡʌθrɪ) /


Samuel. 1782–1848, US chemist: invented percussion priming powder and a punch lock for exploding it, and discovered chloroform (1831)
Sir (William) Tyrone . 1900–71, English theatrical director
Woody, full name Woodrow Wilson Guthrie. 1912–67, US folk singer and songwriter. His songs include "So Long, it's been Good to Know you" (1940) and "This Land is your Land" (1944)
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Scientific definitions for woody

[ wud ]

The thick xylem of trees and shrubs, resulting from secondary growth by the vascular cambium, which produces new layers of living xylem. The accumulated living xylem is the sapwood. The older, dead xylem in the interior of the tree forms the heartwood. Often each cycle of growth of new wood is evident as a growth ring. The main components of wood are cellulose and lignin.

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woody adjective
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