or woo hoo or whoo-hoo

[ woo-hoo ]
/ ˈwuˈhu /
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interjection Informal.
(used to express excitement, delight, etc.): Woo-hoo! It's Friday!
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What does woohoo mean?

Woohoo is an exclamation of excitement or joy.

Woohoo is typically used alone as an interjection preceding or following a sentence that explains what the excitement is about. It is also seen as woo-hoo, woo hoo, and whoo-hoo.

Example: Woohoo! We’re all getting a cash bonus!

Where does woohoo come from?

Woohoo is an informal interjection similar to wahoo, hooray, and yay. Although the exact origin of woohoo is uncertain, expressive words like it often have their basis in the simple sounds that people use to exclaim in celebration (like those exclamations that seem to just come out of your mouth when you’re riding a roller coaster).

The popularity of woohoo since the 1990s may be due to its use on The Simpsons as Homer Simpson’s preferred celebratory catch phrase (basically the opposite of d’oh). The internet-age term woot (or w00t) can be seen as a very close synonym of woohoo.

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What are some synonyms for woohoo?

What are some words that often get used in discussing woohoo?

How is woohoo used in real life?

Woohoo is often spoken (loudly) to display just how happy someone is, but it can be used in written form to express the same excitement.







Try using woohoo!

Which of the following is NOT a typical use of woohoo?

A. Woohoo! I’m getting a promotion next week!
B. I just finished my college application! Woohoo!
C. I’m sorry you lost your job. Woohoo for you.
D. Woohoo! We are the champions!

How to use woo-hoo in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for woo-hoo

/ (wʊˈhuː) /

informal an exclamation of joy, approval, etc
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