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  1. a person who tends to fret or be tormented by anxious or disturbing thoughts:

    As an obsessive worrier, I often sense danger where others sense nothing.

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“This is a very important step, because the big worry with any vaccine is that it doesn’t work so well in older people,” Richard Horton, The Lancet’s editor-in-chief, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television.

From Fortune

“It’s a real worry, especially because people who become infected are not showing the typical symptoms that we are used to,” he said.

From Fortune

Alison Ansher, who leads the county’s health district, told the Board of County Supervisors on Tuesday that she is unsure whether the demand is from worries about the spike in cases or Thanksgiving travel.

In the United States, as the pandemic rages, an increasingly pressing worry has been airborne transmission — which appears to be the key to large super-spreading events.

“There was some worry that maybe this is just a mirage, maybe iO is simply impossible to get,” Barak said.

Blair calls himself “absolutely a long-term optimist” about peace in the Middle East, but “absolutely a short-term worrier.”

Already too thin and always a chronic worrier, photos show the first lady visibly smaller in the months after the shooting.

The superintendent of a division of line the far side of the Missouri was a worrier, and was personally watching the progress.

In advising the constitutional worrier the chief trouble the physician finds is an active opposition on the part of the patient.

These physical characteristics suggest the makings of a first class "fuss" and inveterate worrier.

The worrier must learn to realize that he is looking at his sensations, as he does everything else, through a microscope.

There is no more danger of insanity attacking the worrier and the delicate than the robust and the indifferent.


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