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[ woon-did ]


  1. suffering injury or bodily harm, as a laceration or bullet wound:

    to bandage a wounded hand.

  2. marred; damaged; impaired:

    a wounded reputation.


  1. Usually the wounded. wounded persons collectively:

    to treat the wounded.


/ ˈwuːndɪd /


    1. suffering from wounds; injured, esp in a battle or fight
    2. ( as collective noun; preceded by the )

      the wounded

  1. (of feelings) damaged or hurt

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Other Words From

  • self-wounded adjective
  • un·wounded adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of wounded1

First recorded before 1000; Middle English; Old English gewundode; wound 1, -ed 2

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Example Sentences

Another health official told The New York Times that at least 40 were dead and 120 wounded.

The family is helmed by a wounded healer, Samuel, a prizefighter turned pastor who rules his home with an iron fist.

Styled as if Vivienne Westwood stormed The Roxy, only Stone could pull off the antihero’s transformation from Estella’s wounded hunger into Cruella’s mad-eyed menace.

It’s a little bit different when we’re all looking up saying, “Okay, we’re down over half a million jobs, the city still feels wounded.”

Police said Wanda and Ebony Wright were found inside the apartment and a wounded woman was in a parking lot outside when authorities arrived.

One police officer was coolly dispatched as he lay wounded on the sidewalk.

The father of the wounded Officer Andrew Dossi sums it up perfectly.

Father José Julián was shot and wounded driving in a car through the sierra of Ajuchitán.

The rage that Marvin has embodied, a man on the edge of eruption, is always a badly wounded man.

Gunfire was exchanged and Sam, who was unarmed, was wounded.

As the window dropped, Ripperda saw the wounded postilion fall on the neck of his horse.

He was a distinguished warrior under Francis I, mortally wounded at the battle of Marignan.

By the force that the governor exerted in the thrust, he felt that he himself was wounded in the hand.

The sepoys refused to obey, and the sowars, drawing their pistols, shot dead or severely wounded six British officers.

Many of them were wounded and the worst of these were put into a picket boat which had just that moment come along.


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