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[ rap-uhp ]


  1. a final report or summary:

    a wrap-up of the evening news.

  2. the conclusion or final result:

    the wrap-up of the election campaign.

  3. Australian Slang. an enthusiastic recommendation or flattering account.

wrap up


  1. tr to fold paper around
  2. to put warm clothes on
  3. slang.
    usually imperative to be silent
  4. informal.
    1. to settle the final details of
    2. to make a summary of

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Word History and Origins

Origin of wrap-up1

First recorded in 1950–55; noun use of verb phrase wrap up

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Example Sentences

Creepy thing to wrap up in festive paper and a bow and give to a newborn baby, yeah?

Sailor Moon Crystal is expected to wrap up its initial storylines by the end of the year.

What were the biggest hurdles for you on The Sopranos as far as storylines to tackle, or storylines to wrap up?

If the proposal is granted, Roux will most likely wrap up his examination on May 16.

So I have to wrap up now, which means going back to that question again: what's the craziest thing you've done to impress a girl?

Rashid retired to wrap up the purchase, and with it a second and smaller package was slipped into the customer's hand.

As soon as we had breakfasted, I got out my sled 'Dauntless,' and told Mary to wrap up, and bring her skates along.

If you wrap up in this cloak and go out quietly now, while it is half dark, you may get clear out of the palace unobserved.

Let me show you a room; get your things off and wrap up in blankets till your maid can come from Brockenhurst with some clothes.

Wrap up each cutlet carefully in white paper, oiled or buttered.


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More About Wrap-up

What is a wrap-up?

A wrap-up is a report or summary of something, as in Lana likes the wrap-ups of her essays to repeat what’s in her introductions.

A wrap-up is also the conclusion of something, such as the final scene of a movie in which you find out what happens to all the characters.

Wrap-up is a noun that comes from an informal sense of the verb phrase wrap up, meaning to make a summary of.

Example: Did you ever get to create the wrap-up for the last meeting?

Where does wrap-up come from?

The first records of the term wrap-up come from around 1950. It comes from the verb phrase wrap up, meaning “to finish or put an end to.”

A wrap-up usually refers to a report on the results of an event, either written, presented, or simply logged in a database. But it can also describe the specific details that would be included in a wrap-up document, such as election results or the winner of a race.

In Australian slang, a wrap-up is a flattering recommendation or review of something, like you might give to a friend for your favorite restaurant.

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How is wrap-up used in real life?

Wrap-up is a casual way to refer to a final report or a conclusion.



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On Monday, our professor gave us a wrap-up of what to expect this week.