[zan-thuh s]
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Origin of xanthous

1820–30; < Greek xanth(ós) yellow + -ous
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Related Words for xanthous

amber, ivory, lemon, gold, blond, cream, buff, chrome, saffron, sand, bisque, tawny, xanthous

British Dictionary definitions for xanthous


  1. of, relating to, or designating races with yellowish hair and a light complexion
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Word Origin and History for xanthous

1829, from Greek xanthos "yellow," of unknown origin. Prefix form xantho- is used in many scientific words; cf. xanthein (1857) "soluble yellow coloring matter in flowers," Huxley's Xanthochroi (1867) "blond, light-skinned races of Europe" (with okhros "pale"), xanthophyll (1838) "yellow coloring matter in autumn leaves."

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