[ yel-ohz ]

noun(used with a singular verb)
  1. Plant Pathology. a disease of plants, characterized by stunting and the loss of chlorophyll.

  2. Veterinary Pathology. jaundice.

  1. Obsolete. jealousy.

Origin of yellows

1555–65; yellow (noun) + -s3

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How to use yellows in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for yellows


/ (ˈjɛləʊz) /

noun(functioning as singular)
  1. any of various fungal or viral diseases of plants, characterized by yellowish discoloration and stunting

  2. vet science another name for jaundice

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Scientific definitions for yellows


[ yĕlōz ]

  1. Any of various plant diseases characterized by yellowish discoloration and often by wilting, deformation, and stunted growth. Yellows may be caused by phytoplasmas, by ascomycete fungi of the genus Fusarium, or by a virus, especially of the genus Chlorogenus.

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