1. variant of -er 1 after w: bowyer; lawyer; sawyer.

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Example Sentences

Peter," he said, "the city truck done run over yer dog and kilt him dead.

The big event is the Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Race, which is actually two foot races, a 5K followed by a 10k.

"Get on yer bike," said her tough employment secretary, Norman Tebbit.

If you're on my side of the fence, take yer blood pressure meds before you click through.

"I supposed you 'adn't, as 'e ain't 'ere, with yer ma," replied the young person.

When I told dad, sez I, 'Dad, did ever yer hear sech a thing uz gittin' up afore light to feed stock?'

There's my Dick, an' he wor only ten year older, I'd gi him to yer, wi a right good wull—that a' wud.

Dey's squar little towels what you holds in yer lap to wipe yer fingers on when you've done eatin'.

But, Mandy Ann held her back and whispered, "Can't you done 'have yerself at yer mammy's funeral an' we the only mourners?"