though; still; nevertheless: It is good, yet it could be improved.

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    as yet. as1(def 31).

Origin of yet

before 900; Middle English yet(e) (adv. and conjunction), Old English gīet(a) (adv.); cognate with Middle High German ieze yet, now > German jetzt now

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9. See but1. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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sentence connector

nevertheless; still; in spite of thatI want to and yet I haven't the courage; she is strange yet kind


(usually used with a negative or interrogative) so far; up until then or nowthey're not home yet; is it teatime yet?
(often preceded by just; usually used with a negative) now (as contrasted with later)we can't stop yet
(often used with a comparative) even; stillyet more potatoes for sale; yet another problem family
eventually, in spite of everythingwe'll convince him yet
as yet so far; up until then or now

Word Origin for yet

Old English gēta; related to Old Frisian jēta

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Word Origin and History for yet



Old English get, gieta "till now, thus far, earlier, at last, also," an Anglo-Frisian word (cf. Old Frisian ieta, Middle High German ieuzo), of unknown origin; perhaps connected to PIE pronomial stem *i- (see yon). The meaning in other Germanic languages is expressed by descendants of Proto-Germanic *noh- (cf. German noch), from PIE *nu-qe- "and now."

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see as yet.

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