[ zongkt, zawngkt ]
/ zɒŋkt, zɔŋkt /

adjective Slang.

stupefied by or as if by alcohol or drugs; high.
exhausted or asleep.
Sometimes zonked out.

Origin of zonked

An Americanism dating back to 1955–60; zonk + -ed2

Definition for zonked (2 of 2)

[ zongk, zawngk ]
/ zɒŋk, zɔŋk /

verb (used without object) (often fol. by out)

to become unconscious from alcohol or narcotic drugs; pass out.
to fall soundly asleep or relax completely: I've got to go home and zonk out.

verb (used with object)

to stupefy, as by alcohol or narcotic drugs.
to sedate or anesthetize: If the pain gets too bad the doctors will zonk you.
to strike or defeat soundly; knock out; clobber.

Origin of zonk

1945–50; of expressive orig.; -onk perhaps copies conk2
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British Dictionary definitions for zonked

/ (zɒŋkt) /

adjective slang

highly intoxicated from drugs or alcohol
utterly exhausted

Word Origin for zonked

C20: of imitative origin
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