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metaphorically vs. figuratively

[ met-uh-fawr-ik-lee, -for- ]
  1. in a way that constitutes a metaphor, a figure of speech that refers to one thing in terms of another, suggesting a resemblance between the two: The native Romani word “drakhalin,” whose literal meaning is “grapevine,” is often used metaphorically to mean the internet.
  2. figuratively speaking; not literally: We are metaphorically on top of the world over his success and look forward to his return.
  3. as a symbol or emblem representing something else: In various biblical contexts, salt is used metaphorically to signify permanence, loyalty, value, and purification.
[ fig-yer-uh-tiv-lee ]
  1. in a way that involves or invokes a metaphor or figure of speech; metaphorically:Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated to remove darkness from our lives both literally and figuratively.We figuratively envision personal space as an aura or a soap bubble.
  2. by means of a figure, likeness, or emblem: In art and literature, the former kingdom was often figuratively presented as a woman.

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