From Headlines To Hollywood To Hangry: New Words In The Dictionary

The March 2017 update to included over 300 new words and definitions, reflecting everything from news stories to fashion trends. We also updated several existing entries.

Once again, many new words came straight from the headlines, from Black Lives Matter and Burkini to alt-right and clicktivism. Some words like 420 and Kush reflect broader acceptance of marijuana use and culture, as it’s becoming medically and recreationally legal across the country.

Art, food, and fashion also provided our lexicographers with a huge supply of new and interesting words. While everyone has an opinion on whether dabbing has seen its day in the spotlight, fans of cold brew or superfood can’t imagine their lives without it. Cat cafes are an Asian trend that have won American hearts. Who doesn’t love a chance to play with (and maybe even adopt) a cute kitty while also enjoying a nice coffee and scone? And with increasing interest in Korean music and TV across the US, it’s no surprise that K-pop is in this update. From Hollywood, the release of two new Star Wars movies within the past two years brought a resurgence of interest in the sci-fi franchise and its neologisms, like lightsaber. And men’s fashion trends like dad bod and man bun have had wide enough use and appeal that they, too, have made their way into this update.

If you’re looking for ways to express your excitement, dismay, or facial expressions resulting from this update, there are plenty of newly defined slang terms to help you out, including slay, smackdown, bitchface, and struggle bus.

Ready for a sneak peek? Here are a few of the new words translated into emoji form. Let’s see how many you can guess.

Want to get to know the new words a little better? Check out a few of our favorites and their short definitions.

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