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What does GILF mean?

Grandma, what big, um, eyes you have … GILF usually stands for Grandmother I’d Like to Fuck, less often Grandfather I’d Like to Fuck. Outside its use as a porn genre, it can be meant as a compliment or used as a cruel joke about older women.

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Examples of GILF

Wowzers! It looks like someone is trying to steal Jane Seymour's GILF status from her!
Perez Hilton, January, 2014
I have daily conference calls with this one lady at work and she legit sounds like a porn star... today we had a video conference and I found out she’s like a 60 year old lady fml... moral of the story is never meet your heroes #GILF
@AnKeEzY, June, 2018
This actually isn’t Barr’s first job offer in the adult entertainment industry. In 2013, after Barr announced her intention to abandon traditional show business and transition into “geriatric porn,” Vivid Entertainment founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch told TheWrap that he’d be wide-open to helping Barr achieve celebrity GILF status.
Tim Kenneally, The Wrap, June, 2018

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