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What does SMILF mean?

SMILF, a take on MILF, stands for Single Mother I’d Like to Fuck. It also serves as the name of a TV comedy starring Frankie Shaw and Rosie O’Donnell.

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Where does SMILF come from?

TVWeek / Showtime

SMILF is based on MILF, or mother I’d like to fuck, and it refers to an attractive, middle-aged woman, typically a mother, and regarded as sexually desirable by younger men. MILF traces back to the early 1990s but was popularized by the 1999 comedy film American Pie

MILF has inspired many spin-offs, including DILF and FILF (dads and fathers), GILF (grandparents), and SMILFSMILF can be found online as early as 2003, as evidenced by an Urban Dictionary entry. What the S stands for can vary–popular alternatives include stepmother and soccer mom–although single has prevailed as the most popular interpretation.

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SMILF picked up steam after the November 2017 premiere of the Showtime comedy SMILF, based on a 2015 short film of the same name. Created by and starring Frankie Shaw, the show follows Shaw’s character, Bridgette, as she balances life as a new single mom in South Boston (a.k.a. Southie, another S stand-ins). The character of Bridgette’s mother, Tutu, is played by actor and comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

Examples of SMILF

Invited out to a couples dinner by friends I love. Issues mine, but I feel like I'll have "divorcee" flashing on my head. I'd prefer smilf.

@bronwen, April 2009
Not since Cougar Town has there been such a repellant title doing a disservice to the show contained within. But whereas Cougar Town at least let you know you were watching absurd comedy, the name SMILF conjures visions of an outrageous sex farce miles away from the dark and incisive dramedy on display here. MASLA—Make America Slightly Less Awful—would be a better fit.
Alex McLevy, The A.V. Club, November 2017
TVWeek / Showtime

Who uses SMILF?

SMILF is most commonly used to mean single mother I’d like to fuck.

When men use SMILF, it is often considered vulgar and sexually objectifying.

When women use SMILF, however, it is often a saucy, flirty form of self-empowerment, especially due to historic judgment of single motherhood in society.

People can get very creative with their SMILF wordplay…

And of course SMILF is widely used to refer to the TV show of the same name. Fans may use the hashtag #smilf when posting about the funny but endearing show.

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