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What does SFB mean?

SFB is an acronym with a few meanings. When used in textspeak, it means shit for brains.

It is also used for Skype for Business, and the popular fantasy football tournament Scott Fish Bowl.

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Examples of SFB

Sorry but Sonia Sodha is talking rubbish. Just said May lost the election. SFB. #SkyPapers
@phil_soskin, July, 2017
@ScottFish24 Good morning I was wondering if you have scoring by position charts from last year's #SFB available? I would appreciate it. 👊
@amaze652, June, 2017
Someone in a meeting: "We're using SFB" Skype branding team: "Fuck." Person who came up with shitty Slack ripoff looking for a name: *eyes existing 365 Teams group across the room with shit eating grin*
@SenatorIvy, June, 2018

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