1. What’s The Funniest Word Your Kid Has Mixed Up?

    It's always funny (and endearing) when kids misspeak. Have your kids mixed up these words too?
  2. Has Your Family Ever Said This Kentucky Word?

    If you're from Kentucky, maybe you've heard this word before. If you're not from Kentucky, do you know what it means?
  3. Activities To Help Your Kid Decode Words

    One of the foundational reading skills that most children learn in early elementary or primary school is how to decode words. While decode sounds like something spies do, decoding is actually the ability to see a written word and read it aloud. This process is often known familiarly as being able to sound out words when reading. Sound complicated? It’s not, we swear! Plus we’re …

  4. Printable Valentines For Kids To Spark Their Love Of Words

    For grown-ups, Valentine’s Day means roses, champagne, and overpriced chocolate. But for kids, Valentine’s Day is all about fun! They get to eat heart-shaped candies, have class parties, and open cute cards from all of their friends. While this holiday is all about the love vibes for couples 😉, for kids it’s an opportunity to celebrate the people in their lives who make them feel …

  5. Words To Know When You’re Raising A Reader

  6. How To Help Early Readers With The Different Types Of Syllables And Vowels

    When they are learning to read, children are often taught about syllables first. Having a firm understanding of how many syllables appear in each word and how each of those syllables is pronounced makes the introduction to reading a little bit easier. If children know how to identify the syllables in a word, they can break longer multisyllabic words up into smaller, more manageable segments …

  7.’s Winter Break Word Challenges For Kids

    Ah, winter break. That welcome respite from homework, early morning alarms, and packing lunches … well, for about the first four hours anyway. That’s generally when the kids’ cries of “I’m bored!” start echoing through the house, and you contemplate how long you can get away with sending them outside when the weather is something frightful. To stop those cries (or at least dampen them …

  8. Teach Your Kids New Words By Describing These Holiday Characters

    It’s the holiday season—there’s more downtime than usual and the winter weather keeps most of us from spending too much time outside. So it’s obviously a great time to work on analytical and writing skills in a fun and engaging way. Come on, you know that sounds fun! Wait, just hear us out … There are any number of familiar characters in the holiday stories, …

  9.’s Fifth Grade Homework Help Cheat Sheet

    Fifth grade is typically the final year of grade school, which means the lessons get cranked up a notch in preparation for middle school and beyond. Teachers ask students to delve deeper into subject matter, stretch their skills, and show more independence. The work is challenging but intriguing as they explore new concepts and develop their opinions about them. Fifth grade is also the year …

  10. Why Do Names Have So Much Meaning?

    The names that we’re given and the names that we give ourselves are pretty darn important. Why do names have so much meaning?