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  1. Physics@Brock

    Inertia vs. Momentum: Which Keeps You Moving?

    Science is real. Science is cool. Science uses a lot of terms that we all think we know. But, do we really know what we are talking about? In the spirit of scientific community and understanding, let’s clear up one big scientific misconception that we all get wrong … Pop quiz: Is it momentum or inertia that keeps you moving? Here’s a hint: In science, inertia is …

  2. Getty

    Each Firework Type Has A Name … Do You Know Them?

    Independence Day fireworks generally get the “ooohs” and ahhhs,” but did you know that each type has an actual name? What’s a peony firework? The peony is one of the most common kinds of aerial pyrotechnic effects. It is named for a variety of plants with large, showy flowers. Old Farmer’s Almanac This firework has a starlike explosion that quickly turns into a bulging circle of …

  3. We’re All Guilty Of Phubbing … Here’s Why

    Are you spending more time with your phone than your loved ones? Words matter . . . especially in the bedroom. Phubbing is the habit of snubbing someone because you love your phone more than them. If you choose to phub, you get no love. This PSA is brought to you by

  4. More Than Trippy: Our Favorite Viral Optical Illusions Explained

  5. What’s Net Neutrality?

    What is net neutrality? You may have heard the term net neutrality in the news. Net neutrality is the idea that the relationship between you and content on the internet shouldn’t be altered by internet service providers—that ISPs should provide nondiscriminatory access to internet content, without manipulating the transfer of data, and treat all web traffic equally. The government has protected this idea until recently, when the FCC …

  6. 9 Quotes That Perfectly Explain Why Net Neutrality Is Important

  7. Take A Ride Around The World On These Unusual Transports

    One way to get to know a country is through its food. Another way is by using the country’s public transportation. Some unique modes of transportation are just for fun, like dog-sledding trips in Norway and zorbing in New Zealand (which involves rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball, just saying). Other means of transportation are more practical . . . here’s a …

  8. laughinggif

    Medical Terms You Didn’t Know Existed

    If you fancy yourself a modern-day Florence Nightingale, or if you just really like to look up your symptoms late at night online, these 10 weird medical terms need to be added to your vernacular faster than you can say "diagnosis."

  9. Hey! Ok! Understanding Language With Desktop AI

    Sentient. We define this word as “having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.” Fans of the Terminator movie series will know this word and its implications (Skynet, cough cough). And, we can’t forget the Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Which desktop AI system is better at understanding language? But, in this article, we’re focusing on the sentient Google Home and Assistant and how …

  10. Science Terms For Dummies

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