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  1. Science Terms That We All Pretend To Know

  2. Do Zoologists Pick Animal Names Like “Pink Fairy Armadillo”?

  3. Weather Words You Need To Know

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    Hashtags To Help You Get By On Social Media

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    Groundhog Day Or Groundhog’s Day: What’s The Holiday Really Called?

    Every year, February 2 marks Groundhog Day. While the frost is still thick on the ground in some places of the country, spring may be on the way. But, why is this holiday not called Groundhogs Day or even Groundhog’s Day? Groundhog Day seems pretty strange … Why is it called Groundhog Day? Well, let’s start with why it’s not called Groundhogs Day, OK? It’s simple really … the …

  6. OMG, Deciphering Texting Acronyms FTW

  7. Which Came First: Turkey: The Bird, Or Turkey: The Nation?

    The republic of Turkey (look north of Egypt, east of Greece) isn’t exactly a breeding ground for the bird that Americans associate with Thanksgiving. In fact, the turkey is native to North America … so, why do they share the same name? Let’s get the word facts The word turkey has been used to refer to “land occupied by the Turks” since the 1300s and …

  8. Is Online News Reliable?

  9. What’s Vocal Fry Really All About?

    Perhaps you’ve heard of vocal fry, a quality of speech often associated with the likes of Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry. American media stories detailing vocal fry sometimes warn us that it’s damaging to our vocal cords, and that women who use vocal fry are jeopardizing their job prospects. As wonderful as it is that the mass media is paying attention to phonetics, much of …

  10. Why Is The Word “Read” In Read Receipts So Terrifying?

    Read is simple ... and what's wrong with that?
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