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  1. Retro Words You’ll Probably Never Use Again

  2. Elon Musk: Stratospheric Words Of A Mad Scientist

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    Taser: A Surprising Acronym With An Unsettling Story

    Many people might be surprised to learn that the word taser is an acronym. The (debatable) non-lethal weapon that causes temporary paralysis was invented in the 1970s by a man named Jack Cover (who worked for NASA at one point). Cover aimed to create a non-lethal weapon that could be used in situations in which firing a real gun would prove fatal, like in an airplane hijacking. …

  4. Why Did Twitter Change Their Character Limit To 280 Characters?

    We all know by now that Twitter raised their character limit to 280 in 2017. Predictably, this change has inspired hilarious reactions online. Most users are downright gleeful they have a wee-bit more space to tweet. Others are upset, claiming this expansion will ruin Twitter by making it more like Facebook. A few grumpy tweeters have solemnly vowed to never compose a tweet that’s longer …

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    Digging Up Old Slang For Body Parts

  6. Friendly or Flirty: How To Decipher Ambiguous Texts

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    Digital Words With An Analog Past

  8. Types Of Dreams And How To Remember Them

  9. Clickbait Isn’t New

    Clickbait existed before clicking did “When you find out what these kids are jumping into, your jaw will drop!” “Baby ducks see water for the first time—can you BELIEVE what they do?” Confronted with such emotionally charged lines, it’s almost impossible not to click. Do the tykes tumble into a vat of chocolate syrup? Are ducklings reaching for toothpaste to brush their beaks? Can you …

  10. The Strange Names Of Infamous Hackers

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