1. How The Month Of July Got Its Name

    The month of July, unlike June, is named for a mortal, albeit one who devised and ruled an empire. Julius Caesar was a Roman general, statesman, and historian who conquered Gaul (what is now part of Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands), changed the structure of the Roman government into a dictatorship, was assassinated in legendary fashion, and most importantly for our purposes, helped make the calendar what it is today. …

  2. Do You Know Which Of These Words Came First?

  3. The Frabjous Words Invented By Lewis Carroll

    When we think of Lewis Carroll, we think of whimsical worlds … and words. The man who penned Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass, “Jabberwocky,“ and countless other timeless poems and works of literature has taken our imaginations to the furthest limits for decades.  His stories—published during the mid- to late-1800s—are full of life, adventure, humor, and some of the most fantastical words. You see, …

  4. These Common Words Have Offensive Histories

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    The Oldest Words In The English Language

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    These Old Words Sound Dirtier Than They Really Are

  7. The Scary History Behind The Word “Nightmare”

    It's dark. You're alone. Was that a footstep? Did something just brush up against you? You fight to get up, but you're stuck ... right on top of you is a horrifying nightmare. Sorry, did you say a nightmare was on top of me?
  8. These Words Are Not Acronyms (But People Think They Are)

  9. Where The Bleep Did That Curse Word Come From?

  10. How Did The Month Of May Get Its Name?

    May may seem like a little simple name, but its origin is actually fairly complex and interesting. Sit back and read up on this little word’s … big history. What does May mean? The fifth month of the Gregorian calendar, May, is defined as “the fifth month of the year, containing 31 days.” Got it. But where did this name come from? The name for …