🍩 - doughnut emoji

or donut emoji or doughnut emoji

[doh-nuh t ih-moh-jee]

What does 🍩 mean?

The donut emoji represents a nutritious, balanced breakfast containing all four food groups: carbs, sugar, chocolate, and deep fried dough.


Many people use this emoji to express their cravings for junk foods. However, in sexting, it signifies the anus and can express an interest in anal sex or butt play. So, be careful who you send it to.

Examples of 🍩 - doughnut emoji


Examples of 🍩 - doughnut emoji
This is #community: Doorbell goes and my lovely neighbour drops in a plate of #KrispieKreme donuts... I now love my neighbours, my neighbourhood and Nutella 🍩
@PLACEengage, October, 2018
Good morning Wednesday....currently dreaming of eating donuts 🍩 #healthy #diet #day #three #cravings #sugar
@SarenBeauty, October, 2018
never too early 4 👅🍩 butt stuff
@Tigress_T, June, 2016
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Where does 🍩 - doughnut emoji come from?

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The donut emoji was a member of the Unicode Consortium’s first class of emoji in 2010. This  makes sense since a love of donuts is universal.

Across platforms, the emoji depicts a vanilla donut with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. On your Apple device, shading and detailing gives it a three dimensional appearance. Users of Google devices will be dissuaded from licking their screens by the flat appearance on that platform and Samsung added a slash of white icing because sometimes sprinkles aren’t enough.


Who uses 🍩 - doughnut emoji ?

People use the donut emoji to express their love for fresh baked sugary goodness when they post photos of themselves devouring these delectable breakfast treats.

Expect to see a spike in this emoji’s use on June 7th—National Donut Day.

You will also the donut emoji a lot in posts about people who are lacking donuts. For example, people who have coffee and, therefore, need a donut.

Or, sad dieters might pair the donut emoji with other food emoji to bemoan the lack of junk food in their life.

Be careful with the donut emoji, however, if you are a dating app user. Your invite to a low-key breakfast date might be misinterpreted if you use it. When sexting, the donut emoji signifies the butt hole and can be used to express interest in anal sex. So, if someone sends you a hot dog emoji plus a donut, they aren’t inviting you to lunch and dessert.

The donut emoji has also been at the center of celebrity controversy and political turmoil …. In 2015, a video surfaced of  pop star Ariana Grande licking a donut at Los Angeles bakery and declaring “I hate America.” The singer apologized, but the donut emoji has  followed her ever since.

In 2017, Nina Turner, president of Our Revolution, a group associated with Senator Bernie Sanders, was barred from the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters. At the barricade her group was offered donuts and water. Then, the donut emoji came to symbolize both Democratic pride on one hand and the silencing of a black woman on the other.


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