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💡 Electric Light Bulb emoji

[ih-lek-trik lahyt buhlb ih-moh-jee]

What does the 💡 Electric Light Bulb emoji mean?

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While the electric light bulb emoji can stand for electric power and lighting, it often represents a sudden insight, knowledge, or thought in general—basically anything “bright” in the metaphorical sense.

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Where does 💡 Electric Light Bulb emoji come from?

Examples of 💡 Electric Light Bulb emoji

Happiness starts with freedom of the mind💡
@MbauReloaded, May, 2018
Let there be light! 💡 Our gorgeous new lighting will brighten your day...
@potterybarn, December, 2016
Creating a just world begins with leadership, collaboration and courage. At #dogoodx we curate thought-leadership at the intersection of faith and #socialenterprise. 💡 [...]
@DoGoodX, December, 2017

Who uses 💡 Electric Light Bulb emoji?

The electric light bulb emoji is often used in reference to various kinds of lights, from cell phones to the cosmos.

The emoji is also widely used for metaphorical light, like “bright” futures or “knowledge is power.”

Since at least the 1920s, illustrators have drawn light bulbs over characters’ heads to show they’ve gotten a sudden brilliant idea. To this end, the electric light bulb emoji is often paired with thinking face emoji.

Thanks to the cartoon idea bulb trope, light bulbs have become intimately associated with the act of thinking itself.

The electric light bulb emoji is sometimes used to pun on the slang lit, meaning “exciting” or “excellent”—or “electrifying,” shall we say?

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