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🦧 Orangutan emoji

[ aw-rang-oo-tan ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🦧 Orangutan emoji mean?

The Orangutan emoji 🦧 depicts the orange-haired ape, the orangutan. It may be used to represent the endangered primate or for various metaphorical senses of ape or monkey.

Also, the Orangutan emoji 🦧 may appear along with other animal emoji to honor UN World Wildlife Day, which is on March 3

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Where does 🦧 Orangutan emoji come from?

Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) are orange-haired, long-armed, and endangered primates native to Indonesia and Malaysia. The name orangutan is based on Malay words meaning “forest man.”

The Orangutan emoji 🦧 is, appropriately enough, an emoji depiction of an orangutan. This emoji was approved under Unicode 12.0 in 2019. Current implementations feature the orangutan facing forward with shaggy orange hair, often scratching its head. Designs range from cartoon-like to photorealistic.

Examples of 🦧 Orangutan emoji

Save 🦧 save🦍save🐺save🐘save🦔save🐢save🐳save🐝save🦏save🐸#connect to🌍🔥 #WorldEmojiDay2019 #ClimateEmergency
@Jenny_Edwards, July 17, 2019
🦧 Orangutan may be my favorite of our new emojis.
@bhaggs, April 3, 2019

Who uses 🦧 Orangutan emoji?

The Orangutan emoji 🦧 enjoys use by many diehard orangutan fans—and was met by an enthusiastic reception in 2019. It often represents primates more generally and metaphorical senses of ape or monkey (e.g., my little monkey as a term of endearment).

The Orangutan emoji 🦧 is used to discuss wildlife conservation efforts. For example, the Orangutan emoji 🦧 may appear along with other animal emoji to honor animals and plants, their livelihood, and their conservation on UN World Wildlife Day, which falls on March 3 each year.

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