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🌮 Taco emoji

[ tah-koh ih-moh-jee ]

The Taco emoji 🌮 displays a taco. It is commonly used to refer to tacos, taco restaurants, Taco Tuesday, Mexican and Tex-Mex food and culture, and Mexico more generally. On October 4, the Taco emoji 🌮 is used with the hashtag #NationalTacoDay to commemorate National Taco Day.

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Where does 🌮 Taco emoji come from?

The Taco emoji 🌮 was approved under Unicode 8.0 in 2015. On most major platforms, the emoji resembles a taco with a hard or soft tortilla shell filled with meat, lettuce, cheese and sometimes tomatoes and/or onions. On most major platforms, the taco is tilted so that the fillings are visible from the left. The WhatsApp version of the emoji is tilted the other direction with fillings visible from the right side.

Tacos are a popular food that can be bought at supermarkets or taco carts. Because most people know that tacos come from Mexico, the Taco emoji 🌮 is sometimes used to specifically refer to Mexico. If it is, it may be accompanied by the Flag of Mexico emoji 🇲🇽.

Examples of 🌮 Taco emoji

If you only eat tacos on Tuesday I feel bad for you. 🌮
@jkelderman1, September 28, 2020
It’s a big day. National Taco Day. How do you take yours? 🌮🌶️
@JennyAnchondoTV, October 4, 2018

Who uses 🌮 Taco emoji?

The Taco emoji 🌮 is used to refer to tacos or restaurants that sell tacos.

The Taco emoji 🌮 is also used to refer to Mexico, the taco’s home country.

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