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Austin City Limits

or ACL or Austin City Limits Music Festival aw-stuhn sit-ee lim-its ]

What is Austin City Limits?

Austin City Limits is an annual music festival held in Austin, Texas. It’s commonly abbreviated as ACL and is officially called the Austin City Limits Music Festival. 

The festival grew out of the Austin City Limits television series produced by Austin PBS, KLRU-TV, Austin, Texas’s public broadcast station.

The festival is traditionally held at Austin’s Zilker Park. It is known for combining local Austin culture with performances by popular musical artists.

When is Austin City Limits?

Austin City Limits usually takes place over two weekends in the fall, typically in September or October.

In 2023, Austin City Limits will take place from October 6–8 and October 13–15.

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Where does Austin City Limits come from?

view of Austin skyline, teal filter.

The Austin City Limits PBS series began in 1974 and initially featured local Austin performers—the first performance aired was by Austin’s own Willie Nelson. The first Austin City Limits Music Festival was held in 2002. Like the show, the festival initially featured local and Texas-based performers but now hosts artists from many different genres.

Examples of Austin City Limits

All right, I'm settling in to watch an encore performance (from late '70's) of Tom Waits on Austin City Limits. Best ACL performance ever.
@CoverDrive12, December 21, 2019
y’all. i’m really about to see the one and only GRETA VAN FLEET at Austin City Limits Music festival
@idk_Now_, September 13, 2021
After three-day tickets to the Austin City Limits Music Festival sold out in record time last week, music fans scrambled for a second shot at live music in Zilker Park this fall when the festival released single-day tickets this week.
Deborah Sengupta Stith and Peter Blackstock, Austin 360, May 25, 2021

Who uses Austin City Limits?

Did you know … ?

  • The festival has expanded to highlight foods.
  • A spin-off event for children is called Austin Kiddie Limits.
  • Related festivals have been established in other cities, including Sydney City Limits in Australia and Auckland City Limits in New Zealand.

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